Happy New Year! 2014 Plans & Resolutions


All in all, 2013 was a rather sucky year for outdoorsy stuff — I was so overwhelmed with things at my startup, WeddingLovely, that I pretty much stayed home and worked all year long (though, it was a great year for traveling, I can’t forget my three month trip through Europe.)

I started this blog in order to encourage me to go outside a bit more, and 2014 will hopefully be a big year for new outside adventures.


  • Repeating myself: spend more time outdoors! Hiking, biking, climbing, etc.
  • Lose weight and get in shape (of course, right?) While I’m able to do most things I want to do, I’m still ridiculously out of shape. I can hold a plank for maybe 45 seconds. My shoulders and upper back are weak enough that I can’t hold a full plank (arms extended) for a minute. I have enough endurance to climb mountains, but not continuous enough that I don’t need to take breaks all the time.
  • Learn new skills — surfing, snorkling (though these two I might want to wait until I’m in an area with warmer waters, thanks Pacific), or something else.


  • Climb Shasta and actually summit. 
  • Take a week long rafting guide course. I love rafting and almost quit everything to become a rafting guide a few years ago. While I don’t want to quit everything this time around, I do want to spend a week just rafting and learning how to guide — just in case.
  • Do the entire John Muir Trail. 2-4 weeks of continuous hiking. Something I’ve wanted to do for years too.
  • Climb Half Dome again, either with the JMT trip or on its own.
  • Maybe, maybe do a road trip this year to visit family in Ohio, as well as seeing Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Boulder, CO on the way (and maybe Banff on the way back.)

I’m hoping that 2014 will be a huge outdoorsy year for me! What are your plans? Anything fun scheduled for 2014?

Hiking Quicksilver County Park: McAfee Entrance

Hiking Quicksilver County Park: McAfee Entrance (22)

  • Location: Quicksilver County Park, San Jose, California
  • Distance: 4.4 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate (due to hills)

One of my favorite places for a good hike and workout is Quicksilver County Park, literally a hop-skip-jump from my house. This was my first real hike after getting back to the Bay Area from my Europe trip (and first hike since the glorious Black Forest hike.)

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Getting In Shape for Outdoor Adventures


Okay, so I whined about being out of shape, so I might as well do something about that? Also, I’m amused by the timing — new year typically being the time that most people resolve to get in shape, and most fail. And by most people, I mean me, year after year.

In college due to a number of factors (college stress, family deaths, etc.) I got up to 210 lbs (I’m 5’6” for reference). I managed to lost 40 lbs (go me!) but 170 lbs has been my plateau for a long, long time.

Now, if I want to be a badass and climb mountains and hike long distances and do adventure challenges… I better get in shape, right? Here’s the other motivation for this blog — keeping me on track.

Current schedule goal:

  • Monday: Weight lifting (Stronglifts 5×5)
  • Tuesday: HIIT (hill sprints, rowing, or Zombies, Run! program.)
  • Wednesday: Weight lifting
  • Thursday: Other cardio (swimming, biking, climbing)
  • Friday: Weight lifting
  • Saturday: Run (3km)
  • Sunday: Rest

The other goal is to do 30 minutes of relaxing yoga 6-7 days a week. Not power or strenuous, but focusing on calming and stretching. I have terrible mobility (can’t properly squat due to my ankles, can’t really raise my arms over my head, can barely touch my toes, etc.) so that’s also very important to improve.

In terms of food? Paleo/slow-carb-ish has always been my go-to diet. My downfalls are delicious, unhealthy food in hard-to-resist situations — vacations, special occasions, restaurants, holidays.

I’m hoping to do a Saturday update post detailing whether I met my goals or not (with details on lift numbers, distance/speed, measurements, and weight). I’m sure this is all very boring to you, dear reader, but getting it all written down will — hopefully — keep me more on track.