Happy New Year! 2014 Plans & Resolutions


All in all, 2013 was a rather sucky year for outdoorsy stuff — I was so overwhelmed with things at my startup, WeddingLovely, that I pretty much stayed home and worked all year long (though, it was a great year for traveling, I can’t forget my three month trip through Europe.)

I started this blog in order to encourage me to go outside a bit more, and 2014 will hopefully be a big year for new outside adventures.


  • Repeating myself: spend more time outdoors! Hiking, biking, climbing, etc.
  • Lose weight and get in shape (of course, right?) While I’m able to do most things I want to do, I’m still ridiculously out of shape. I can hold a plank for maybe 45 seconds. My shoulders and upper back are weak enough that I can’t hold a full plank (arms extended) for a minute. I have enough endurance to climb mountains, but not continuous enough that I don’t need to take breaks all the time.
  • Learn new skills — surfing, snorkling (though these two I might want to wait until I’m in an area with warmer waters, thanks Pacific), or something else.


  • Climb Shasta and actually summit. 
  • Take a week long rafting guide course. I love rafting and almost quit everything to become a rafting guide a few years ago. While I don’t want to quit everything this time around, I do want to spend a week just rafting and learning how to guide — just in case.
  • Do the entire John Muir Trail. 2-4 weeks of continuous hiking. Something I’ve wanted to do for years too.
  • Climb Half Dome again, either with the JMT trip or on its own.
  • Maybe, maybe do a road trip this year to visit family in Ohio, as well as seeing Zion National Park, Arches National Park, and Boulder, CO on the way (and maybe Banff on the way back.)

I’m hoping that 2014 will be a huge outdoorsy year for me! What are your plans? Anything fun scheduled for 2014?



A few years back I almost changed my entire life. My second parent had just died and I was feeling disillusioned with my job. A friend brought me along on a rafting trip. I was in love. I’ve always had an affinity for water, and the combination of slow, relaxing gliding down a river surrounded by nature with adrenaline-inducing and exciting rapids was just perfect. (Not to mention on my first rafting trip, I did a Class V river — go big or go home, right?)

I also spoke at length with the female guide about her life — spending half a year guiding on the American river, and the other half of the year traveling the world for cheap, occasionally guiding in other places. I. was. convinced.

I immediately started making plans to quit my job, and (since it was the summer and rafting season starts in California in the spring), I would move to New Zealand to join a three-month rafting guide school, where I was guaranteed a job afterwards. I could raft, then travel, then come back to California, and raft some more. I planned this to happen after hiking the John Muir Trail (another thing which I have not done yet), and even went as far as telling my family (who were very unhappy.)

Of course, this didn’t happen. I met someone, fell in love (awww), and started my business (WeddingLovely) which took off. I put away my plans to raft and travel and hike the world in order to be on a computer. I’m only just now getting back into making outdoor trips and adventures a priority. I don’t think I’ll ever completely quit my computer job, but I am considering doing a 1-week guiding course in California this Spring just to get it out of my system. I still raft every now and again (the above picture is from Summer 2012, rafting in Bend, Oregon).

Still, strange to think how different my life would have been had I gone through with those plans.