Gear gear gear!


Insert crazy gear face here. Over the last month I’ve gotten a ton of awesome things and like some girls love clothes shopping, I love gear shopping.

Here, have a picture with me not snuggling with the gear:


First off, the REI Anniversary Sale is going on right now. That’s where I scored my Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 (the orange tube above), Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, and Thermarest SoLite pad (the shiny silver tube). Technically the Thermarest is for my husband, but on super cold nights, might layer underneath my Big Agnes Q-Core SL pad that I got a couple months ago.

Also included in the photo are a couple Amazon purchases — a GSI Outdoors Halulite Tea Kettle and an ultralight canister camp stove (the orange box). The last time I went backpacking, I only used my stove to heat up water so a kettle seemed like a no-brainer upgrade. The ultralight stove is also for my eventual JMT trip, since my existing stove (a big Jet Boil) would be too heavy for a solo trip.

This means that pretty much every big thing on my JMT trip gear list has been checked off — woohoo!

Unfortunately didn’t score Half Dome permits, so along with waiting in line for JMT permits, I’ll also be waiting for Half Dome. Which’ll be not very fun, but worthwhile in the end. I have a camping trip and backpacking trips scheduled over the next month, so the gear should be adequately tested and broken in before the trip, and once I’ve tested the gear, I’ll write up some reviews here.

Get going to the REI sale if you haven’t already!

Thoughts on the gear? Leave them in the comments!