Top Six Moments from our 2013 Europe Trip

Accidentally driving into Austria

I’m lucky that I have a job where I can work wherever I want (as long as I have internet access), and I took advantage of that fact in the fall of 2013 — landed in Brussels, cruised into Germany via Cologne, trained to Freiburg (and did a big hike), rented a car and cruised around the Black Forest and Romantic Road, visited Munich, then a couple long term (~3 week) stays in Prague and Berlin. Not bad!

There were a few standout memories from the trip:

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Hiking in the Black Forest: Freiburg to Saint Peter

Hiking in the Black Forest: Freiburg to Saint Peter (5)

  • Location: Freiberg to Sankt Peter, Germany
  • Distance: ~13 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate (due to distance)

I knew I wanted at least one long hike while I was traveling Europe, and Freiburg, Germany seemed like the perfect place to do so. It’s a medium-sized city right off the Black Forest, and according to Google Maps, criss-crossed with hiking trails.

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