Getting In Shape for Outdoor Adventures


Okay, so I whined about being out of shape, so I might as well do something about that? Also, I’m amused by the timing — new year typically being the time that most people resolve to get in shape, and most fail. And by most people, I mean me, year after year.

In college due to a number of factors (college stress, family deaths, etc.) I got up to 210 lbs (I’m 5’6” for reference). I managed to lost 40 lbs (go me!) but 170 lbs has been my plateau for a long, long time.

Now, if I want to be a badass and climb mountains and hike long distances and do adventure challenges… I better get in shape, right? Here’s the other motivation for this blog — keeping me on track.

Current schedule goal:

  • Monday: Weight lifting (Stronglifts 5×5)
  • Tuesday: HIIT (hill sprints, rowing, or Zombies, Run! program.)
  • Wednesday: Weight lifting
  • Thursday: Other cardio (swimming, biking, climbing)
  • Friday: Weight lifting
  • Saturday: Run (3km)
  • Sunday: Rest

The other goal is to do 30 minutes of relaxing yoga 6-7 days a week. Not power or strenuous, but focusing on calming and stretching. I have terrible mobility (can’t properly squat due to my ankles, can’t really raise my arms over my head, can barely touch my toes, etc.) so that’s also very important to improve.

In terms of food? Paleo/slow-carb-ish has always been my go-to diet. My downfalls are delicious, unhealthy food in hard-to-resist situations — vacations, special occasions, restaurants, holidays.

I’m hoping to do a Saturday update post detailing whether I met my goals or not (with details on lift numbers, distance/speed, measurements, and weight). I’m sure this is all very boring to you, dear reader, but getting it all written down will — hopefully — keep me more on track.