Wish List: Rafting Guide School

Wish List: Rafting

I’ve mentioned before how I almost quit everything to become a rafting guide. Then computers happen (or at least, didn’t go away), I launched my startup WeddingLovely, and ended up not going to New Zealand to become a rafting instructor and travel for the rest of my life.


Not that I regret my current path — working for yourself on your own time is a pretty sweet deal — but I do wish I spent more time outdoors, especially rafting. There’s something about the combination of slow, relaxing floating with adrenaline-filled rapids. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive to go often (at least, for a cheapo like me). However, I might have found a solution.

The rafting company I used for my very first rafting trip has a one week rafting school. Unfortunately not three months like the New Zealand option I was considering, but one week of dedicated rafting might get this bug out of my system — or at least, tamp it down a bit.

Fees are $675 + 8% river use fee (so, ~$729), which doesn’t seem that bad. Unfortunately I don’t know much about other rafting companies in the Sacramento area, so I’m not sure if this is a good price or if it’s a good guide school. All I know is that my original rafting guide said she loved it and highly recommended Mariah, and everyone seemed happy.

So, May 2014: rafting guide school. Not to go into guiding after, but just so I get a week of rafting out of my system, and a potential side career for summers in the future.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Cheers of encouragement? Leave them in the comments!