Snow in California! Finally!

Can you believe the California drought? I went up to my cabin several times this winter and there was absolutely no snow. It’s especially bad for Strawberry and Pinecrest, where my family has a cabin — tourism drives the economy and no one wants to head up to the mountains if there isn’t any snow.

We went up expecting light snow and that’s what we got. Just enough that the roads were a tiny bit icy, but not enough that we needed chains and there was only the tiniest amount of slippage when driving before it got warm. Of course, we took advantage of the two inches of snow and went sledding (+ bonus dog!)

Climbing Mt. Shasta: Review of my 2009 Attempt

Climbing Mt. Shasta: Review of my 2009 Attempt (41)

In 2009, I attempted a summit of Mt. Shasta. While it’s one of the easier mountaineering experiences with minimal technical parts, we didn’t top out. I’m planning on attempting the climb again this Spring, and thought it would be great to publish my experiences and photos from the last attempt as a review!

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