My Travel Clothing Wants and Wishes

packed backpack

Suddenly a new, big, exciting Europe trip is being planned, and it’s happening soon (more blog-y details soon about that.) Ack! I’ve been worrying yet again about the best items to pack (another post I need to write) and I have been very unhappy with my current wardrobe.

A lot of this was spurred by buying my husband an awesome pair of Bluffworks pants, which come with wrinkle resistant cloth and a boatload of hidden pockets. As I lost my passport to scammers a few years ago, hidden pockets would be awesome.

AND YET nearly every pair of girl travel pants I find have no pockets, much less spare pockets. This started me on a journey looking for my ideal pants, and then looking for my ideal jacket, shoes, etc… and coming up empty. Perhaps you, reader, can help?

Want: Women’s Travel Pants

Slim fit (tapered leg) dark pants in a wrinkle resistant, yet sturdy fabric with hidden pockets. Back pockets are a must, since my tush looks terrible in pants that have no rear pockets. Ideally has stretch, and are semi-breathable. Something that works for both meetings with importantfolk as well as long walks and light hikes.

The closest I’ve found are the Anatomie Skyler Skinny Pants for $225 (ouch), but they don’t have any hidden pockets. I could go without, but man, that price.

Another close contender were the women’s pick-pocket proof pants by Clothing Arts at a more reasonable $99.95. Downsides is that they don’t come in black and they have a baggy/loose fit, meaning I couldn’t wear them to meetings. I get that bagginess helps with hiding pockets, but even just one hidden pocket that’s tiny for money/ID would work for me.

Want: Women’s Travel Blazer

Something light and hopefully water resistant, that works for both meetings, walking around in a city, as well as countryside walks and hikes. Yeah I know, tall order. Of course, hidden pockets are a huge bonus.

Want: Travel Running Shoes That Aren’t Gigantic

Ugh — this one is driving me insane. I’d like only one pair of athletic shoes while traveling that don’t take up a huge portion of my travel backpack, but are also good for running. I’d like to get better at running (I am a terrible runner at the moment, ~12MPH) but would like to do more while traveling. Unfortunately my feet pronate, and every running shoe website points me to super stabilizing gigantic honkers of shoes. I can’t see myself running more than a 5k thrice weekly so maybe I don’t need super stabilization, but I’m unsure.

Also, can we talk about the trend of super colorful obnoxious running shoes? I wish I could find a running shoe that looks more like vintage running shoes, but those styles seem to be reserved for athletic shoes that are mostly for walking. I’d like to use these shoes for walking cities too, and not looking like a rainbow sprite when I do.

Do you know of any clothes that fit what I’m looking for? Would love recommendations in the comments!

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